IGN posted a positive preview of Chicken Little: Ace in Action for the Wii based on a hands-on demo late last week.

The headline calls the game "one of the most entertaining licensed Wii games yet."

The writer, who raved about the game during the demo, writes that it is "a solid action game, and it’s showing exactly how the Wii will work to any and every games advantage if it’s used right."  He begins the first half of the article discussing how nonlicensed games get more attention from enthusiast media while licensed games get ignored.  He mentions Ubisoft’s Red Steel, which he told us has inferior controls compared with Ace in Action.

He devotes a paragraph to the game’s outstanding controls and another to the ideal third-person perspective.

The article also includes new gameplay video footage, which is now required to garner well-placed online coverage.


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