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Word of mouth key to HD acceptance
Although high-definition TVs and related equipment are all over the marketplace, sales have not risen much over last year in large part because consumers don’t quite get the format change. Analysts point to three factors to boost HD’s popularity: better compatibility between Blu-ray and HD DVD discs, lower component prices and word of mouth, as excited consumers tout their new, high-tech toys.   The Boston Globe (10/29)
AT&T offers home-monitoring system
AT&T Inc. is rolling out a monitoring service that lets users conduct live video surveillance, control lighting, monitor temperature changes and more from a broadband connection or mobile phone. The service costs $9.95 per month.   USA TODAY/Associated Press (10/26),   xchange (10/26)
FON gives away Wi-Fi routers in San Francisco
Startup company FON offered on Friday free Wi-Fi routers to San Francisco residents who agree to become Foneras, or members of a community willing to share their Wi-Fi connections. The Spanish company’s ambitious goal is to link millions of people in cities across the world to the high-speed Internet.   Yahoo!/TechWeb (10/26)
EQO offers Skype via BlackBerry, Windows Mobile
EQO Communications said users of its IM and VoIP platform can now make Skype calls via BlackBerry and Windows Mobile.   ZDNet (10/25)
Nokia targets mobile-phone counterfeits, cites safety hazards
To curb the use of cell phone knockoffs that could have unsafe battery packs, Nokia has filed a lawsuit in China against two manufacturers the company says used its 7260 model design. "One of our objectives is protecting our consumers, not just from being deceived, but from health hazards that might exist with counterfeit batteries," said a Nokia spokeswoman.   Yahoo!/PC Magazine (10/27)
Nintendo set to launch video game business in Russia
Nintendo‘s upcoming video game venture in Russia is part of an effort to expand its business into new areas with growth potential. The move will put Nintendo in competition with Microsoft and Sony in that area, according to business daily Nihon Keizai Shimbun.   Yahoo!/Reuters (10/29)
News "Flash" from Fox for Web, digital devices
The newly launched Fox News "Flash" reports are original, 60-second video clips being distributed on and MySpace, along with mobile devices such as iPods and Cingular subscribers’ cell phones. The content is from "Fox & Friends" and "Fox Report With Shepard Smith," with additional programs to be added in the future.   Mediaweek (10/30)
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Technology Update 

New devices digitize vinyl records
Consumers have a number of CE options for digitizing their old vinyl music collections, such as Xitel’s INport, which includes software, a small converter box and a cable to connect a computer and a stereo.   InformationWeek/Reuters (10/27)
Apple patent filing reveals possible new iPod navigation method
A patent filed by Apple Computer showed what could replace the iPod’s click wheel: a touch-sensitive frame around the player’s display. Analysts cautioned against too much speculation, saying that many patents are filed and then never used.   San Jose Mercury News (free registration) (10/28)
Acer prepares smaller desktops, smartphone
Acer is selling a small, 6-pound desktop PC, with a design similar to that of a laptop PC, in Europe and parts of Asia, as part of a new range of smaller desktops. The company is also planning to launch a smartphone in the next few months.   PCWorld (10/27)

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