Business and Industry News 

Sony gives details for PS3 online service
Sony Corp. will offer PlayStation 3 owners an online service called PlayStation Network that will allow users to chat and play multiplayer games online, as well as download content. Rival Microsoft already offers an online service for its Xbox 360.   Reuters (10/19)
Samsung to focus LCD strategy on profitability
Samsung Electronics Co. said it will focus on profitability for its LCD business and shift away from capital investment amid industry pricing pressures. The move also coincides with expected weak demand for LCDs in the beginning of 2007.   The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) (10/20)
T-Mobile Dash new entry in smartphone niche
The T-Mobile USA Dash is the latest entry in the midprice smartphone category. It’s less than a half-inch thick, but it still has a full keyboard and is compatible with most e-mail services.   The New York Times (free registration) (10/18)
Moms help bring digital cameras into the mainstream
Although men were early adopters of digital cameras, moms have caught on and are investigating digital photo sharing, cameras and printing options. "I call the mom the CMO [chief memory officer] because you have parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and the mom is the one sending pictures of the kids and the family and this role in the family is a critical one," said Tara Bunch, vice president of digital imaging for Hewlett-Packard.   ABC News (10/19)
Nokia chooses profit over sleek phone styles
While some investors express the belief that Motorola is making gains with sleek, thin phone styling, Nokia appears to be betting that maintaining market share through low prices and volume is a winning strategy. As a result, earnings will rise faster next year for Nokia, according to Thomson Financial/Baseline.   Barron’s (10/18)
Report: Mobile phones shipments may reach 1B in 2006
Mobile phones shipments worldwide could surpass 1 billion this year, after third-quarter shipments rose 21%, IDC reports. The five biggest mobile phone vendors shipped a combined 255 million phones from July through September, compared with 211 million in the same period in 2005.   The New York Times (free registration) (10/19)
Other News
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  Cisco steadily building advanced technology portfolio
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  Google offers Japanese-language news to handsets
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  Sony to recall nearly 10M batteries | 10/19

Technology Update 

Caller-ID applications available for many devices
Caller-ID applications are cropping up for all kinds of devices, such as Fossil‘s men’s watch with a Bluetooth-enabled caller-ID screen and a device that displays caller-ID information on a car’s rearview mirror.   Wired (10/20)
VidaBox media center embraces Blu-ray, HD-DVD
VidaBox is offering support for both the Blu-ray and HD-DVD formats with the introduction of a Dual HD upgrade for its LUX and MAX media centers.   CE Pro (10/19)
Columnist: USBcell could replace rechargeable battery
Rechargeable batteries never caught on the way they were expected to, but now Moixa Group is offering an alternative to the rechargeable battery: a battery that can be charged in a USB port. The technology has been heavily discussed in the blogosphere, but it currently is available only in Europe.   The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) (10/19)

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